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I am very grateful with Ecoflor for giving me the opportunity to work with them. I see them as my family who supports me and this way I can help in my house. I feel a huge commitment with my job and my duties.

Ecoflor has given me a great opportunity to work and succeed. I have not only learnt about flowers but also about how to interact with my colleagues. Every day I try to give the best of me.

Ecoflor means a lot to me. This job represents everything, economically and socially. It is rewarding and I feel part of the family

I am very grateful for this opportunity Ecoflor has offered me. I am pleased with my job, as I have demonstrated it. I hope they are happy with what I do, and this way I can continue working for them many more years. 

I am very grateful because they have offered me an opportunity to work. I feel part of the family, as if it were my home.

This Company opens doors for many people. Ecoflor is a great company. We feel well treated.

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