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“Since we created Ecoflor in 2007 with my wife, Carnations and Mini Carnations became our life project. I as an Agricultural Engineer and she as a Business Administrator, in less than half a hectare, we began a process of permanent work and learning about this beautiful activity, such as the cultivation and care of flowers.”


“The Carnation and Mini Carnation is a handmade product. That is why the well-being of our collaborators and their families has been our permanent concern. Harmonious and team work has allowed us to achieve this development”


“The dedication and commitment of my parents motivated my enthusiasm to support Ecoflor in the new growth goals it proposed”


“The Ecoflor project caught my attention, as it was a great opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills for the prosperity of my family, the internationalization of the company and the prosperity of all the people related to this beautiful activity.”

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