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I am very grateful for having given me the opportunity to work here, I feel Ecoflor like a family that always supports me, and thus I can help at home. I feel committed to responding in the best way for all my responsibilities.

It has meant a great employment opportunity to get ahead, I have learned many things both about flowers and how to relate to other people. Every day I try to give my best.

Ecoflor means a lot to me. This job represents a whole, in the relationship with my colleagues and financially. It is satisfying because I feel like a member of the family.

I am very grateful for this good opportunity that they have given me and very happy with my work, as I have shown. I hope you are happy with my work and can work for many more years.

I feel grateful because they have given me the help to have a job, I feel like I am part of a family, as if I were at home.

It is a company that opens doors to many people. Ecoflor is an excellent company, they treat you very well, the treatment is very special.

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